Revival of the Office of North Borneo Affairs

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Grades of the Order

The Royal Order of the Pearl is awarded by the Sultan in six grades with the following post-nominal letters. Moving from the most senior to the most junior grade they are:

  • Royal Companion (RCPS)
  • Grand Cordon (GCPS)
  • Distinguished Companion (DCPS)
  • Companion (CPS)
  • Officer (OPS)
  • Member (MPS)


Those admitted in the grade of Royal Companion shall only be members of the Sultan’s family and other recognized royal families across the globe.

No specific nobility titles are awarded to members of the Order but those belonging in the senior grades of Distinguished Companion and Grand Cordon are permitted to use honorifics within the Order. These are “The Honourable” and “His/Her Excellency” respectively.

Some eminent members who have exceptionally served the people of Sulu have been ennobled as senior nobles of the Sultanate. They are bestowed the nobility title of “Datu Sadja” exclusively granted by the Sultan at his pleasure.